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    Leather backpack pakistan

    Leather has been a trend setter, irrespective of any kind of gender, leather accessories just fit well on anyone. A good leather accessory is a fashion investment therefore leather products deserve to be given all the adequate care in the world.

    There is nothing worse than buying a leather accessory just to throw it away because it couldn’t last longer. If that’s the case you’re not taking care of your leather products properly. Here are 5 tricks to make your leather products last longer:

    • Avoid letting the stains set in: leather is skin and stains can set in very easily which can make the color go much darker and leave spots.
    • Don’t let the leather get wet: water can leave watermarks and can cause a leather bag to swell and lose its shape.
    • Clean your leather and condition it: every now and then clean your leather with a leather cleanser and then condition it but be cautious not to use harsh cleanser.
    • Use vinegar: One of the most effective ways to keep leather new is white vinegar. Mix this in equal proportions with water and wipe the leather with a towel dipped in the mixture. Leave the leather to air dry.
    • Ensure proper storage: keep your leather products upright in a shelf and make sure that they are dry before you keep them away safely. To be more careful, wrap it with bubbly wrap so it doesn’t get affected and doesn’t lose its shape.
    Leather backpack pakistan

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