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    Leather Keychain

    A keychain which is a partner for your key—be it to your home, office, cupboard or car– is such an important accessory. It not only helps you locate your key and keep it safe, but also speaks volumes about your personality.

    What your keychain says about you:

    A keychain is something you need to pull out whether it is to open your car door or enter the threshold of your home or gain access to your work place. What you choose as a keychain reflects so many aspects of your personality.

    Some people carry colourful and styled keychains which may reflect their creative streak. Others prefer keychains that are souvenirs of memorable trips—a constant reminder of good times. Some people like signature wooden keychains carved into names or initials which remind them of the giver of the gift. Yet, the most practical keychains that serve the purpose of keeping the key secure, yet handy when needed, is a classy and chic leather keychain.

    The advantage of leather keychains:

    The advantage of a leather keychain in comparison to a metal or fabric one is clearly the fact that leather will stand the test of time and not fall prey to wear and tear. You could put it in your pocket or in your briefcase, dashboard or drawer—genuine quality leather will withstand these conditions.

    Metal keychains could rust or even be too heavy for your pocket and sink into its depths. On the other hand fabric keychains could be easily de-shaped or become dirty and be too flimsy to find in your bag. This can be impractical especially for men who carry their keys around everywhere and expose them to a myriad of conditions at work or in the outdoors. In comparison, leather keychain rings are just the right size, weight and shape to be easily accessible and safe and will remain in prime condition.

    The keychain rings at One Hundred Ten Store:

    Available in a variety of designs, sizes and neutral hues, the leather keyrings at One Hundred Ten Store is the ideal place to shop online for quality leather accessories for men and women. You can have your name or initials embossed or engraved to customize it for yourself or a loved one.

    You could opt for the classic leather keyring collection available in black, brown, tones of green, bordo and red which allows you to secure multiple keys and the hook will let you clip it securely to your purse or belt or hang it from a key holder.

    If you are looking for quality leather accessories for men at an affordable price including keychains, wallets and laptop bags to commemorate Father’s Day or a birthday or anniversary—One Hundred Ten Store is the fastest and most reliable online dealer in quality leather products.

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