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    Leather wallet pakistan

    A woman’s wallet, like a woman herself, is a work of art. A masterpiece which requires a creative combination of class and functionality; colour and capacity to all come together as a striking whole. This is why buying a wallet for a woman as a gift is a challenging task especially because each woman is unique in her individuality. The wallet, which is a constant companion, must reflect her inimitable personality.

    However, one thing that is unanimously appealing to all women is the timeless class and style of a genuine leather wallet like the ones available at One Hundred Ten Store—an online hub for superior leather products in Pakistan.

    Leather wallet pakistan

    Here are five things to keep in mind when purchasing a wallet for a woman, be it your mother, sister, companion, colleague or friend:

    All women are unanimous in their love for high-quality leather due to its softness, natural scent and unmistakable feel. Yet, a wallet must be something that is exclusive to her and that makes her feel good about herself. Metallic, cloth and carbon fibre wallets are also in the market but the appeal of genuine leather is unparalleled due to its durability, versatility and elegance.

    Ofcourse style is a quality each woman possesses and is again a distinct trait. Her wallet too must convey her sense of style, be it chic or vibrant; sophisticated or casual. RFID blocking features are also the rage adding security and privacy to the must-have style elements.

    A colour speaks volumes about a woman. Wallets and handbags that come in neutral shades of black, brown, khakhi, blue, white and grey are preferred as you can couple them with any outfit or accessory; make them stand out in any occasion or style. However, daring colours like orange, yellow, green and red are also relished by those who like to make a bolder fashion statement.

    At the end of the day, a wallet is a functional accessory that must allow a woman to carry with ease her cash, coins, receipts, credit and debit cards as well as business cards. Yet, a poorly designed wallet will have unnecessary layers and pockets which add inherent thickness to it and be distasteful. The truly popular wallet is one that has compartments and allows for organization yet, is smart and compact.

    Even though, like in everything else, women automatically prefer a slim wallet, but it may not allow for all her cash, cards and coins to be accommodated. A wallet that is a thoughtful amalgamation of adequate space yet compact size is a hot favorite for those who wish for their wallets to not bulge ungainly. Something that can fit into any handbag or be handy enough to carry on its own; something that can be tucked away in a pocket or stored in a dashboard—that’s an ideal wallet for a woman.

    The neatness and finesse of a perfectly crafted and skillfully stitched top quality leather wallet is something every woman is looking for and does not wish to compromise on. Women revel in the details of how a wallet is created; they pay attention to nuances like the stitch, cut, symmetry, bends and finish. After all, it is craftsmanship that separates a good brand from a copy; poor craftsmanship can completely overshadow a good design and high-quality material.

    Wallet preferences also differ from woman to woman—a working woman may need more organizational space than a home maker; an entrepreneur may need more capacity than a teenager who may be looking for style. Yet, a good quality buffalo leather wallet like the one available at One Hundred Ten store online in Pakistan appeals to a vast cross section of the female population. Thus OHT may be one of the finest online men’s and women’s accessories stores from where to purchase a leather wallet for women and have it delivered to the doorstep.

    Available in striking hues like blue, brown and orange, the ladies wallets at OHT have capacious dimensions of 8.25 x 4.25 x 0.75 inches and a secure magnetic closure. Its four credit card slots, three cash & receipts compartments, one zipper compartment and two ID card slots makes it an ideal organizational accessory that will help her feel sorted and prepared at all times. What’s more– this is one ladies wallet that allows you to tuck away your mobile phone safely.

    To feast your eyes on an affordable range of leather products log onto onehundredtenstore.com and shop online.

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