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    Leather Wallets in Pakistan

    A wallet is not just an accessory to carry some cash. For the contemporary male a wallet is the sum total of his essentials—a must-have item without which he would be lost. A wallet is also one item you wish to invest in wisely because genuine leather wallets don’t come cheap. And who, for that matter, wants a cheap wallet. After all, a wallet reflects so many aspects of a man’s personality.

    When you pull out your wallet at work, the gas station, a restaurant or a store, this one accessory speaks volumes about your persona and status. A battered wallet, fraying at the edges reflects tardiness while a wallet bursting at the seams reflects a cluttered mind.

    Needless to say a lot of thought needs to go into the leather wallet a man invests in. Here are four basic features to look out for when purchasing a good leather wallet:


    One thing every man or fashion expert will agree on is that the only material worth investing in is leather as far as wallets are concerned. The durability and quality of genuine leather will ascertain that the wallet and its contents will be unharmed whether you are traveling, camping or just walking in a rain. Be it in your trouser pocket, a stuffed briefcase or a backpack a leather wallet will never lose its shape.


    The prime consideration that goes into a wallet is that it must offer enough space to store your cash, cards and coins. Yet, the wallet also must exude a sleek and chic look and not seem bulging or out of shape. Yet, your line of work and your life style come into play when choosing a wallet.


    Whatever you decide to invest in, the price tag always plays a role. Sometimes when you are buying a wallet for yourself, you don’t really want to overspend. When wanting to purchase a wallet for your father, brother, partner or friend, you budget might not allow you to buy something exorbitant. So a wallet which is easy on your pocket, yet of superior quality is one you will find on The One Hundred Ten store online.


    Men must choose a wallet, which boast of two cash pockets to separate smaller bills on one side and the larger ones on the other. You can consider investing in bill dividers as well to help organize your cash. A coin pouch is also a wise choice to keep your coins secure as well as crucial paraphernalia like SIMs, spare keys, USBs or memory cards. Also try opting for a wallet with exterior pockets for quick access to important cards for convenience. Everyone knows the significance of an ID window to keep your NIC safe without fear of scratching, ripping and denting. A separate receipt pocket is ideal for those who perform best when they are organized.

    Visit the online One Hundred Ten Store to choose from an array of striking designs of affordable leather wallets for men which have all of the above four features. May it be a Father’s Day gift or a personal style statement, there will be a wallet perfect for your individual needs on onehunderedtenstore.com.

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