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    Leather wallet pakistan

    A wallet is meant as an accessory for the safe keeping of our cash and cards and with the development in technology data protection has become a priority. In order to ensure that sensitive information from credit cards/debit cards, RFID protected wallets have become extremely popular that work as RFID blocking devices.

    Leather wallet pakistan

    What is RFID?

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification where an electromagnetic field identifies and tracks objects integrated with the system through tags containing digital information. This technology is used as an efficiency booster in the realms of retail, transportation, shipping and banking where a chip makes it easier for store warehouses to track products which increases the speed of the online order and fulfillment process. RFID chips help speed up the process to get a passport checked when traveling, automatically pay for tolls, and allow for payment via credit cards. Yet, criminals have found ways to use RFID to get their own end.

    What do we need protection from?

    Skimmers can use devices called RFID scanners to pick up credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes from passersby making use of traditional RFID technology for robbery. The most alarming aspect is that there is no way to catch skimmers as no physical contact takes place between the RFID scanner and the wallet. With the use of a card-magnetizing tool, the criminals can transfer data onto a new card(device).

    The Advent of the RFID blocking wallet:

    RFID protected leather wallets available at One Hundred Ten Store online in Pakistan contain a layer or wrapping made from carbon fiber or metal that serves to block the electromagnetic fields from reaching your cards. These wallets available for online purchase in an attractive range on OHT incorporates this technology so astutely that you wouldn’t even know. The wallet remains slim, compact and yet is as durable as any high quality leather wallet.

    These mens’s wallets available online at One Hundred Ten Store are an ideal testament as to how technology is seeping into every segment of life including fashion and accessories. After all its always wiser to be safe than sorry.

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