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    Leather backpack pakistan

    A leather briefcase has always been symbolic of a corporate working man, yet, over the years the suaveness of a leather briefcase has been superseded by the practicality of a leather backpack.

    A backpack is convenient as the shoulder straps allow you to carry the weight of your laptop and documents easily distributing the load over both the shoulders.

    This is definitely easier to carry than a briefcase with one arm that would tire the limb and exert all the weight and pressure on one side of your body. A backpack, however, leaves your hands free making it easier to commute on public transport, ride a bike or may even make walking to work easier.

    The quality leather backpacks, available at One Hundred Ten Store that features superior quality and affordable leather goods, are popular especially among the young working men who thrive on style yet, never compromise on practicality.


    Leather backpack pakistan


    Here are three main reasons why the OHT leather backpacks are more coveted that other backpacks or briefcases:

    1. Convenient and Durable:
    Superior quality leather is going to be lighter than nylon and canvas forged into a backpack. Add to this the advantage that they will be durable and bear wear and tear easily is what makes them not just the stylish but convenient option for men to carry to work.

    2. Versatile and Stylish:
    Leather is the most loved of all men and women’s accessory material because of its versatility. Not only can it be stylish enough to carry at a conference or high profile meeting but also rugged enough for college, internship and daily usage at work. You can haul one over a suit or even on denims—a leather backpack will fit your style.

    3. Water and Heat Resistant:
    While cloth can be soaked when caught unawares in a summer shower or nylon can take ages to dry, leather backpacks are water resistant letting the droplets slide away instantly over the smooth surface. They are also heat resistant and exposure to direct sunlight will protect the items you carry to work. Tailor-made for daily rough use and abrasion-free, you can carry a leather backpack in any climate be it mountains or sea shores.

    4. The Fashion Statement Today:
    Millennials are famous for carrying bags and other accessories which are exclusively made from leather. Be it celebrities or corporate bigwigs—they all have been spotted carrying leather backpacks that have made these men’s bags an absolute rage. Don’t be left behind, stopped by the fact that leather goods are something you might never be able to afford, because the One Hundred Ten Store leather backpacks fashioned from halal cow’s hide used from animals that are slaughtered for meat bring to you affordable and quality leather products online.

    5. The OHT Leather Backpacks:
    With a 12 X 17 x 3 inches size and an easy carry handle with padded shoulder straps, the OHT tan leather backpacks have proved their mettle as the ultimate in men’s leather accessories. Meticulously organized with a padded laptop compartment, net pockets for accessories, open compartment for documents/files, front compartment with slots for mobile & accessories, cardholder compartment all secured with metallic zippers from YKK, the OHT leather backpacks bring out the most efficient version of the working man.

    Visit the One Hundred Ten Store online store for a striking range of classy leather accessories including wallets, bags, handbags, briefcases and leather backpacks that are just a click away.

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