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    Leather wallet pakistan

    Even though the global economy is increasingly depending on wireless payments yet, most of the time, in our part in Pakistan, especially in congested cities like Karachi and Lahore, we need to carry cash or credit cards when enjoying a physical shopping spree.

    Yet with this convenience comes the danger of RFID skimming. Purchasing an RFID blocking wallet is one vital need to protect our credit cards from being misused by people who steal this information wirelessly. Such an RFID ‘skimmer’ can bump into you with an RFID reader in his pocket and scan the RFID signal through the material without you knowing it.

    How does a RFID blocking wallet work?
    RFID blocking wallets block RFID signals using electromagnetic enclosure technology called a Faraday cage which makes cards that carry information electromagnetically opaque by distributing electrostatic radiation around the cage’s exterior. This is how it protects its contents from electric charges of the RFID reader.

    Here are the five significant things that your life depends upon that an RFID protection wallet can save


    Leather wallet pakistan


    Today, we all certainly depend on plastic rather than hard cash when shopping. Cards are an easier way for contactless payment in case of e shopping as well. Yet credit cards rely on RFID technology to work. RFID protected wallet, like the ones available at One Hundred Ten Store, will protect your cards from being hacked or skimmed thanks to its RFID blocking technology in its attractive men’s wallets.

    2.  GIFT CARDS
    The gift card or membership cards of certain outlets are installed with a chip, too. It’s even more of a loss to have these precious gift cards skimmed because once someone retrieves those funds, they are lost to you forever. RFID protected wallets will help keep these treats safe.

    Your driver’s license is also a vital document which you need to carry around at all times and also keep safe. It also deserves the benefit of a RFID  protected wallet to prevent the personal data contained in its chip from being stolen without you even knowing it.

    4.  ID CARDS
    Your NIC and other ID cards related to your work place or institute you may be a part of contain personal data. This data, if it falls in the wrong hands can be misused. Using a wallet can protect these cards from RFID skimming could be a very wise choice.

    The RFID protected wallets available online at One Hundred Ten Store are sleekly crafted in milled grain leather   in Dark Brown and Black. These leather wallets have two cash compartments, nine credit/debit card slots, two pockets for cards/receipts and an ID window

    Aesthetically crafted with attention paid to detail, like all OHT leather products, this wallet is a classic example of class and functionality interwoven seamlessly. To shop for an RFID leather wallet for men visit the OHT eStore and choose from an affordable and attractive range of leather products in Pakistan.

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