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    cow leather bag

    Our fashion market is at the peak of revolution. Daily new things add to our fashion industry; in that scenario, leather products have also revolutionized and are still reliable & long lasting amongst all options.  Leather sourcing in Pakistan comes from slaughtering of animals and is a by-product of meat consumption. Amongst Sheep, Goat & Cow; Cow Leather is considered the best leather option for leather made-ups available in terms of its quality, strength, reliability and most importantly coming through a Halal source.

    Cow leather is comfy; if you are wearing a jacket or carrying a cow leather backpack (tan backpack leather) Or cow leather duffel bag or a cow leather handbag on your shoulders or even using a cow leather wallet, you will agree with me about the difference of quality & comfort it offers, off course if it is made well.

    Cow leather has high tear resistance and has been tried & tested over the years for its ruggedness and reliability. You can even opt for water resistant leather products which shall keep your belongings safe from rain & snow, up to some extent if you live in such weather conditions.

    With all said above, it is still pocket friendly!

    After reading this, you might be considering a purchase of cow leather made products. One Hundred Ten store (OHT store) is the only platform offering halal leather products. In addition, they have introduced Cow Leather RFID protected products. Visit the website www.ohtshop.com  now and buy halal cow leather products for yourself & your loved ones.

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