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    Leather Product

    There is a bag perfect for each occasion – a formal bag, a work bag, a school bag, a gym bag! And it is an undisputed fact that leather is the perfect material for any kind of bag be it formal or informal. Yet, the duffel bag is one bag which not only offers flexibility in its structure, a durable exterior and roominess but also looks cool. Be it carrying your gear to work out at the gym, packing up for a spontaneous outing, or a weekend away from home – a versatile duffel bag is a right option.

    Here are four top advantages of our duffel bag!

    1 . Spacious
    The foremost advantage of a duffel bag is the ample space it allows you to cram your stuff into. The cylindrical and unstructured shape will let you use it for hasty travelling. Be it small stuff or bulky gear, the duffel bag can accommodate it all.

    2 . Easy to open
    Unlike cabin luggage bags, duffel bags can open easily with the slide of zip and allow you to take out or squeeze in stuff without you having to open the entire bag, this is why many people simply keep a duffel bag in the trunk of their car.

    3 .Flexible
    Most bags have a standard shape and size. Attempting to squeeze in more than what it could hold ends up ruining its shape and deforms it permanently. Handbags are too small, suitcases are too rigid and cumbersome to carry, backpacks may be deemed too casual. Yet, it is the duffel bag that can be rolled up when it’s empty and stashed away or be stuffed to its hilt with emergency gear. The beauty of a duffel bag comes to the surface when it fits into an overhead compartment or even under a bus seat because of it’s such a pliable piece of luggage.

    4. Cool
    Carrying a duffel bag with its adjustable handle on your shoulder to let it fall to your waist or even till your knees look casual and cool. Especially leather duffel bags like the ones available online at One Hundred and Ten Store in Pakistan are an attractive cross between cool and stylish. The superior quality leather brings durability to the table.

    So if you’re out to choose the right bag for your gear, that will come to your rescue in innumerable situations, visit the One Hundred Ten Store to purchase a stylish leather duffel bag online in Pakistan.

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