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    2021 left us with new variants of Covid, customized masks, ‘back to work’ memes and the year’s most popular accessory-fanny packs. It might be harder than you think to believe this but Fanny packs or as the sophisticated like to say ‘Waist pouches’ are one of the oldest existing fashion accessories in the world. None the less their popularity around the globe just started to pick fire.

    The waist pouch has been ruling people’s heart claiming to be a hot favorite of the outdoor enthusiasts. The 1980’s and early 90’s waist pouch discovery has been more mainstream today ever since its strong representation by brands and appearance on runways and with celebrities.

    Even though it is thought otherwise, the popularity of these waist pouches or ‘fanny packs’ depend on the comfort and ease of mobility it brings into the life of its carrier. The invent of waist pouches has been a blessing for people with no-fuss attitudes and transient lifestyles.

    Someone figured waist pouches could also be worn as shoulder bags along with putting them on waist and suddenly life got much easier. For instance travelers and tourists have left behind the days of lugging large heavy backpacks on every trip or festival; instead they have found solace in the embrace of travel waist pouches.

    Observing the sudden boost of waist pouches coming out as the ‘it’ item has led One Hundred and Ten store to put their ideas to work and bring the ‘fanny’ enthusiasts the classiest leather waist pouch. Available in two colors with adjustable strap and the rocking quality of One Hundred and Ten store you have a chance to travel in style with this leather travel waist pouch.

    Gone are the days of uncomfortable fashion, looking great while traveling, being functional and fashion relevant are the ‘in’ things and that’s all because of the travel waist pouch by One Hundred and Ten store. It’s like comfortable is the new chic and because it is this way the leather waist pouch have also gone through another metamorphosis and turned into parent’s favorite accessory hence leather waist pouch are officially included in the cool category as well.


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