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    Backpacks in Karachi

    Gone are the days where women would compromise on comfort for fashion; now comfortable is the new fashionable. The evolvement from using absolute anything in the name of fashion to choosing everything with the necessary element of comfort is an achievement for women itself. Comfort doesn’t just mean wearing something that is easy to carry but involves the footwear and accessories as well.

    Choosing comfort in no way means women compromise on style because they won’t but being comfortably stylish is the way they go around these. Finding comfort in apparel and footwear is easy but when it comes to carrying daily essentials women require something spacious, functional yet drop-dead gorgeous.

    For a long time we’ve see women using backpacks that take them about a decade back and are bulky enough to cause serious back aches and problems to their postures. Backpacks definitely have a knack to effortlessly combine functionality and good looks but they don’t have make women habitual to the agony.

    Hence keeping in mind the absolute comfort of women and their poor backs, One Hundred and Ten store brings an ideally structured backpack for women; Mirani Backpack. The Mirani Backpack is an absolutely gorgeous leather backpack with OHT’s genuine quality.

    This feminine leather backpack by OHT, packed full of comfort and functionality, is made in three enticing colors including tan, blue and black with multiple organizer pockets. Drawstring closure and magnetic fastening ensure no slipping out of your daily essentials and front two zipper side pockets take care of your small knick knacks completely.

    The Mirani Backpack also proves to be the perfect token of love this valentine for your miss right with the comfort, functionality and a special 10% discount. Your miss right can create an absolute elegant look or a very laid back casual look then be accompanied by the most gorgeous leather backpack in town and it would always work.

    So show some love, head to https://ohtshop.com/product/mirani-medium-leather-backpack-blue/, choose your ideal color and comfort your miss right and do it all the right way with One Hundred and Ten store.

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